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 GTL .car class lines - help needed !

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PostSubject: GTL .car class lines - help needed !   Sun 29 Aug 2010, 6:02 pm

Hi guys

Has anyone fully worked out the logic in the .car class lines?

I have spent much of this week experimenting with new classes and I'm nearly there. study

I just need to fully understand how the .car file class lines work. scratch

Let's take Cup Stage A 'Drift Kings' as an example. The Game Data .gdb file shows:

Game Name = Drift Kings
Game Filter = AND: SIM_DRIFT
Selection Filter = NOT: SIM_GTC65 NOT: SIM_FALCON

Game Filter AND: - Includes car in a cup stage ... so for the Alfa GTA the class SIM_DRIFT will make it eligible for selection by the player.

Selection Filter - Excludes all GTC65 cars and the TC65 Falcon from selection by the player (but still raced by AI?)

AI filter - SIM_NOKING excludes car from selection by AI. That is also in the Alfa .car line, so I think that means I can drive the Alfa in Drift Kings but AI cannot?

What does // NOT: SIM_ALP NOT: SIM_GT350 do?? I am sure the AI runs both cars (Alpine & GT350) in that race, they are the two you always have to chase around Mangy Cours like a mad man!

Can anyone clarify all this?

Also has anyone noticed that where the origial in game cars have more than one skin they do not always have the same class lines? The Minis are not all the same, nor are the Alfas, Mustangs or E types. Haven't looked much further than that. That just confused me more!

Any genius out there solved the code?
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PostSubject: Re: GTL .car class lines - help needed !   Sun 29 Aug 2010, 7:45 pm

everything with an "//" in front is inactive.
the guys from simbin let a lot of beta stuff in the game. e.g. engines, tires, physics,...
of cars which are not available in the game and/or were only done for tests.

and the reason why different skins have different class definitions was answered by youself:

select <> deselect for different races;)

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PostSubject: Re: GTL .car class lines - help needed !   Sun 29 Aug 2010, 7:46 pm

have move the topic to GTL....

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PostSubject: Re: GTL .car class lines - help needed !   

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GTL .car class lines - help needed !
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