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 Stock Cars Legends - WIP

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PostSubject: Stock Cars Legends - WIP   Sat 24 Feb 2018, 5:17 pm

Good morning, greetings to you all.

I am republishing here all the content of the post at, with some changes

Original post:


- "Grand National 1969-70 for GTR2 beta 0.1"

CREDITS original mod:
Thanks to Denis Rioux - NR2003 original author (cars and skins, GN69ST and GN70SS mods for NR2003
All the guys at RacinGrafix for the skins
Papyrous for NR2003
SimBin for GT Legends (from where I took the driver/helmet and various parts for the cockpit)
RMT for the custom showroom
Nathan Ritchie for AI Creator
ISI for rFactor
drEdOp for Grand National 1969-70 for rFactor 1

GTR2 Credits:
- rfacator physics deep improvemented by Fatguts (aka Wingnut)
- '69 Torino and '70 Chevelle a little modified by me (Chevelle new front grill and maped headlight cover; Torino '69 front style)


*file uploaded by Fatguts


***GN69_70 is an unathorized conversion, I do not consider it a theft, but rather an improvement and a gift to the community

- Grand National 63 file/9nw9699tovl960k/GN63_for_gtr2_BETA_0.1.rar


"Converted to rFactor by smallblockhero.
Files and Upgrades by dredop
Original1963 Grand National Mod by  King D.A. and BlackWidow
Physics are from drEdOp's 69_70 mod slightly modified to match 1963 specs better.

The original GN63 mod:
3D Modeling: King D.A.
Templates: Ace27 and Bill
Texturing: King D.A., Bill and Jerry Lepage;
Carset: charger71bee, Nunya88, Bill;
PHYSICS: smallblockhero and lots of others.";

Know bugs:
- need to create some of the .car files and add drivers info


Pontiac '63 scale fix

"Belvedere '64" ('63 Chevy carbody moddified by me)

More cars:

Carpack #1:
- Ford Galaxie 500 '66
- Ford Galaxie "Yellow Car"
- Chevrolet Lumina 90's
- Buick Regal '83
- Pontiac Grand Prix '81


Mercury Marauder 1964

Converted from GTA-SA mod stuff
Credits: "001LOCO"
Modified by Freeracer



Ford Galaxie 1964

3d Model from Need For Speed Motor City
Credits: EA GAMES
Converted and Modified by Freeracer



6 skins


Dodge Charger 1966

Credits: Fireful0 and MagnumForce Team
Converted and Modified by Freeracer from the game "Street Legal Racing: Redline"



Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1973

Credits: mialt18 /
Converted and Modified by Freeracer from the game "GTA San Andreas"



Aero War 88 Nascar Racing v2 for GTR2
(old AeroWar 88 Stock Car Series)

I made a quick conversion, starting from the version for rfactor.
All credits and special thanks to
Thanks to all NR2003 skinners also..

I have made some model modifications, hope you like.

Main files + Ford Thunderbird 1990 (from Cup 90 Nascar 2003 mod)

Carpack #3
Dart Swinger, Hemi Dart, AMC Rebel Machine, AMC Rambler, Chevelle 66, Impala SS 66 (CSR Cars Pack), Impala 61 (NFS Rivals) and Maverick (3d model by BMT gta modders, modified by me):
Olds Cutlass and Chevy Malibu 77


'66 Pontiac Bonneville


Stock Cars Ressurection

Converted from rF2 mod stuff,
ALL CREDITS TO MoparBob  and Toby

Provisional solution to the lack of grip for all 60-70's cars
this will guarantee the end of spins

thank Wingnut for the tires



folder with all mods in this page



the mod is in the initial stage, all help is welcome to finish it, I count on the collaboration of the modders here present in this site

Have fun

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PostSubject: Re: Stock Cars Legends - WIP   Sat 24 Feb 2018, 5:38 pm

more screens

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PostSubject: Re: Stock Cars Legends - WIP   Sat 24 Feb 2018, 10:37 pm

love it!
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PostSubject: Re: Stock Cars Legends - WIP   

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Stock Cars Legends - WIP
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