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 Bathurst 100

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PostSubject: Bathurst 100   Sun 03 May 2015, 3:08 pm

Well it is that time of the season. Time for the biggest race on XSR's calendar in a long time. Mount Panorama, better known as Bathurst. In real life, 2 drivers per car battle on this grueling mountain circuit for 1000 kilometers. The cleanest car is usually the winner, but that is not to say that it is a race of cowardice. To make it up and down this tight twisty mountain track and survive, let alone win, you have to be fast, precise, and above all, daring enough to make moves in places they probably shouldn't be made. And somehow you have to do all of this without finding yourself in a concrete wall. 2 long straights, Mountain Straight and Conrod Straight, help with the fast, cars often reaching speeds around and sometimes faster than 285k's before entering The Chase at full throttle at the end of Conrod. Then there is the precise. Turns 3-19 climbing, cresting, and beginning the run back down the mounting. Tight turns, no run-off, and lots of elevation change. Get it wrong here, your day may end sooner than expected. And finally the daring. Moves are made all over this track, some find the best passing points to be turn 2 at the end on Mountain Straight, others like Forest's Elbow, the corner that leads down the back straight, Conrod. Many also find themselves making passes at The Chase, or Murray's corner...but few have the guts to try to make a pass at The Cutting, Griffin's Mount, or Reid Park, let alone the Esses. Those that do and can make it clean tend to find themselves marching through the field. Those that don't, well, they have a much tougher day ahead of them, be it after contact with the wall or another car.

And that is where our series sits; on the cusp of the longest race we have had held, at one of the toughest tracks in the world, in cars some of us can only dream to ever actually drive. The race is tomorrow night, with qualifying starting at 8pm eastern time (US). It will be a standing start race and last 45 laps (around 100 minutes). I will be there doing everything I can to be fast, precise, and successfully daring. I invite you to join us as well. There is plenty of room for new faces in the series and we would love to have you!

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Bathurst 100
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